North America Deals

On your unmissable cruise to America you’ll experience some favourite places, like the iconic sights of New York or famous theme parks of Florida, but some exciting surprises too. Did you imagine challenging lumberjacks to an axe-throwing competition in Alaska, meeting giant sea turtles in South Carolina or standing on top of a steaming volcano in Hawaii? Open your mind to adventure and you’ll have the holiday of your dreams, packed with unforgettable thrills. You’ll discover breath-taking scenery in Canada and amazing wildlife in Alaska, from whales and sea otters to brown bears and wolves. Foodie heaven awaits in Maine while Seattle’s hip culture will be a joy. There’s American history in Boston and outdoor fun too, like cycling across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It’s your holiday of a lifetime – are you ready? – Let Cruiseparadise help take you there.

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