MSC Cruises

An MSC Cruise Holiday is more than a holiday, it’s a trip of lifetime.

For over 300 years, MSC Cruises has been a trusted name in the world of ocean travel. Their voyages offer guests unforgettable experiences, from exploring vibrant cities to discovering remote islands. Led by experienced crew members, every journey promises excitement and adventure. As Ireland’s favourite cruise agent, Cruise Paradise offers the best deals and value MSC Cruises. With our expert guidance and personalized service, we ensure that every detail of your cruise experience is tailored to perfection.

Explore the rich history, culture, and cuisine of the Mediterranean or bask in the vibrant beauty of the Caribbean islands with MSC Cruises. Book an MSC Cruise with Cruise Paradise, and embark on a vacation filled with incredible destinations, unparalleled hospitality, and the assurance of unforgettable memories.

MSC Cruises Fleet

MSC World America
MSC Euribia
MSC Seascape
MSC World Europa
MSC Seashore
MSC Virtuosa
MSC Grandiosa
MSC Bellissima
MSC Seaview
MSC Seaside
MSC Meraviglia
MSC Preziosa
MSC Divina
MSC Magnifica
MSC Splendida
MSC Fantasia
MSC Poesia
MSC Orchestra
MSC Musica
MSC Sinfonia
MSC Armonia
MSC Lirica
MSC Opera
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